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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter β€” Privacy Policy) determines the Rec’s Administration's responsibilities towards non-disclosure and protection of the confidentiality of personal provided by the User on the Administration's request when register on the Extension (hereinafter β€” the Extension).

Privacy Policy refers to all information that the Extension can collect about a User while they are using the service. By registering on this Extension, the User consents to all terms of this Privacy Policy.

User's personal data

When registering a User provides the Administration with personal data including name, surname and e-mail address.

A User may be required to provide access to accounts of third-parties service providers including public file storage.

In this case the Administration may receive from the third party provider additional personal data. All information accessed through the third party service provider shall be processed and stored in accordance with The User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

REC can See your cookies, which are small text files sent by the server to the user's device. Cookies perform many functions, for example, they allow to save the settings made by the user, allow the user to move between pages after signing in and, on the whole, make working on a website easier.

The Administration may use Personal Data provided to it by the User to:

You have the choice to opt-out of receiving such promotional emails by sending an email to

The Administration undertakes to:

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